Arinma Holdings inspires local sporting talent

As a company Arinma Holdings has been consistent in uplifting the livelihoods and aspirations of the rural communities in which it operates in.  Besides providing employment opportunities, the company has been able to create opportunities for rural, underprivileged youth with active sporting careers and those with potential to become successful sports personalities by providing financial sponsorship and opportunities for training and personality development.

“Under the direction of our Chairman, Mr. Ashan Malalasekera, as a company we consider sports empowerment as an integral part of our culture. Sports empowerment has had a profound effect on the individuals we sponsor and in creating an inclusive and diverse work culture. Primarily, the sponsorship benefits the individual to attain their dreams and aspirations by gaining access to training opportunities, to participate in global competitions and championships as well as to improve their skills in language and personality development. Furthermore, by gaining the opportunity to work alongside these sportspersons who strive hard to beat all odds, to be part of sporting activities and to witness champions in the making, is a unique opportunity and learning which we all need to learn in the corporate world. Most of all, our employees have a sense of pride and accomplishment to know they have been a part of a noble initiative which results in bringing global fame to Sri Lanka” Said Mr. Nuwan Gamage, Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications, Arinma Holdings.

Arinma Holdings has been able to sponsor Mr. Thilanka Palangasinghe, Mr. Vinoj Suranjaya, Mr. Akila Widanage and Ms. Amasha De Silva who amongst their many victories were able to bring fame and pride to Sri Lanka through their recent victories at the South Asian Games held in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Thilanka Palangasinghe received a silver medal in the Men’s Weightlifting category, Vinoj Suranjaya received both Gold and Silver medals in the Men’s 200m and 400m relay, whilst Amasha De Silva received both Gold and Silver medals in the Women’s 100m individual and relay events respectively. Besides this Arinma Holdings is the main team sponsor of the Royal Rugby team.

“I am grateful to Arinma Holdings. Thanks to their generosity, in addition to the regular sponsorship they provide for my training requirements, I was able to get a specialised physical training in Australia for three months.  Receiving this training in Australia, gave me the exposure and confidence I needed to boost my performance. My dream is to win an Olympic gold medal for Sri Lanka one day. Just like myself there are lots of youngsters with talent, who are unable to come to the forefront because of various challenges and limitations they face. If organizations are able to sponsor such ones, they too can bring fame to Sri Lanka, using their talent to its full potential” Said Ms. Amasha De Silva, National Athlete representing Sri Lanka.

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